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News: ACZHG associate Jaap Schellekens to coordinate 8.9 million Euro eartH2Observe project

The European 7th framework program EartH2Observe brings together a consortium of large-scale hydrological modelling groups, atmospheric scientists, remote sensing specialists and local water managers to provide a multi-model holistic re-analysis of our global water resources. This re-analysis includes the modelling of global water stores and fluxes using an ensemble of different global hydrology and water resources models and validating these models against remotely sensed data for various parts of the hydrological cycle (soil moisture, water levels, water quality, evaporation, rainfall). To derive the best possible probabilistic estimate of the global water cycle over the last 50 years, model predictions and remotely sensed data are merged using data-assimilation. Unique about this exercise is that all the components of the global water cycle will be taken into account, including man-made components such as reservoirs and their operations, as well as surface water and groundwater abstraction and its application to irrigation and domestic and industrial water use. The consortium will validate and downscale the results of the global re-analysis and test its applicability for water resources management in different regions of the world in close co-operation with local and regional stakeholders.

Contact: Jaap Schellekens.