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Igor Mendizabal

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PWN Waterleidingbedrijf Noord-Holland
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1990 AC Velserbroek
The Netherlands
The Netherlands

Public supply well fields as a valuable groundwater quality monitoring network

Supervisors and collaborators:

Duration: 2005-2011

Research questions

Groundwater is of major societal significance for many well-known reasons. One of the most important ones is that groundwater normally offers a direct and hygienically safe source of drinking water for public and individual supply. Groundwater resources in the Netherlands are becoming, however, extremely vulnerable to human interference because of their hydrogeological structure and the multitude and variety of anthropogenic attacks. Knowledge of the vulnerability and natural backgrounds of groundwaters is of key importance for sustainable groundwater development, and environmental impact assessment. The aim of this PhD research is to determine, for the groundwater pumped for public drinking water supply, the following:

For this purpose, a database was made with mean yearly composition of groundwater in all wellfields, and the computer program HyCA was developed to ease the analysis, visualization, interpretation and presentation of the large amount of data gathered in the database.