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Pauline Mollema

Position: PhD student

Position: PhD student
Integrated Geoscience Research Centre Ravenna, University of Bologna
Via San Alberto 163

The Influence of gravel pit lakes on the hydrology and hydrochemistry of the surrounding aquifer.

Supervisors and collaborators:

Duration: 2011-2015
Funding: The Italian study is partly funded by the City of Ravenna and ENI. WML supports the work in the Dutch gravel pits.

Research questions

The Netherlands alone have 500 sand pits. The presence of quarry lakes may have both negative and positive influences : they may form a hazard for swimmers when the banks are unstable or if the water is contaminated, they may be a disturbance of the original landscape. On the other hand, quarry lakes provide opportunities for society as they may become natural or recreational areas or places where to store fresh water, energy or sludge. In order to make sure that the gravel pit lakes are used well, more knowledge about the hydrology and hydrochemistry of the quarry lakes and surrounding aquifers is needed.